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April 2019

Is it just me or is everyone tired of the dead horse being beaten by the press and the democrats? I was actually foolish enough to believe that once the Mueller report was in and the issues in question regarding Russia and our honestly elected President were clarified, we could move on. I was rather hoping that the public servants we hired to govern our country would return to doing the job they were hired by us to do. Silly me. I don’t recall anyone voting for a representative in government to carry on a witch hunt that makes the Salem Witch Trials look like a birthday party. I guess I was being irrational in my belief that we have any rational human beings in government.

I’m not the first to be surprised by the fact that we have people in the press and in power that actually hate President Trump more than they love America. Their irrational hatred of our President stems from the fact that they can’t beat him at anything. He is always one step ahead of the swamp creatures and sadly that not only includes Democrats – but some Republicans. Even statistics including unemployment, the economic growth, the stock market and approval ratings, don’t seem to affect the haters. Where did all this hatred come from? We are surrounded by it. Hatred of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Liberals and Conservatives – you name ‘em and somebody hates ‘em! But if you are a Trump hater- you are really a hater. 

My naiveté continues with my search for the good old days when you might not like what was going on but you could discuss it rationally and reach conclusions – and once conclusions were reached, verdicts were read and the votes were counted we could move on to actually accomplishing something. 

Our president was elected fairly and honestly by the American people. He has taken the punches and is still standing and it is way past time for everyone to let him do what he does best, what he was hired to do– take care of America and her citizens. Imagine what he could accomplished without the wasted time, energy and the hindrance of the constant efforts to derail him. The Democrats will continue to beat the dead horse with the hopes there is still some sign of life long after our Lone Ranger rides into the winners circle and into the history books. God Bless Him! 



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