our president's message

September/October 2019


“We are living in dangerous times” has been said by every generation. World Wars, Cold Wars, Civil Wars, Nuclear Threats, Race Wars – our country has seen it all. It is my belief that now may be the most dangerous time of all. In all other critical times we knew that our government would lead us out of troubled waters. Never before in our history has our government been attacked from within. Never before have we faced a situation where there has been a “deep state” attempt to over throw our President, our government and our very republic. 

Tens of millions of dollars have been spent by the hard left in endless litigations, unfounded accusations and false statements. Since Donald Trump was elected 2 years ago he has stood tall among endless attacks designed to take him down.  This man was elected by the American people. What did he do to deserve the unprecedented hatred he has had to face at every turn? He defeated Hillary Clinton. He defeated the person who would continue the corruption that was Washington DC. He determined to drain the swamp of the power players, the money mongers who have mislead and drained American taxpayers for far too long. The left, with the support of the main stream media, could not let that happen. He had to go. A weaker man would have crumbled under the strain he has had to face. Like his tactics or not he loves this country and will stand facing the storm in an effort to save our country from the corruption that consumes our Capitol. It is up to us, as the Republican Party, to be the army he needs to stand with him. We can only do this as a united front. This is a critical time in our nation’s history. Do your part!

That may sound like a generic call to arms but there are specific things you can do. Talk to your neighbors, volunteer to register voters, educate yourself on the issues, know what his true and what is blatant lies and don’t be afraid to be heard. A good idea is stop listening to the media and if you can’t do that, at least be aware that you are listening to only what they want you to hear – the truth is no longer as issue. The very best idea is to pray that good will overcome evil, that the truth will be heard and that our republic, our form of government and our President will still be standing strong in the face of those wishing to destroy it. 

God Bless, Dale

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